Why You Need A Good Probiotic When You Have Fibromyalgia

By: Sue

Probiotics are the good bacteria that line your digestive tract. Probiotic bacteria support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. Several studies have connected fibromyalgia with bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. When we have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, toxins start to build up, causing inflammation, pain, digestive problems, autoimmune disease, and even anxiety. Therefore, it is important to restore the proper balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract with a high-quality probiotic supplement.

Disclosure: I have been given Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotic 40 Billion CFU in exchange for this review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Several studies connect fibromyalgia with problems in the gut, emphasizing a strong relationship between fibromyalgia and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). For example:

A study in 2008 found a relationship between alterations of the intestinal microbiota ( gut flora ) and fibromyalgia.
Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center found that 100{7e42071b14ee2e8f2fc2ef24c20bb0ab305ccdb09066d1e679a9e59b9a43d223} (all 42) of fibromyalgia patients they studied had small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
SIBO is often associated with an increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) . In this study of 40 patients with fibromyalgia, 28 (70{7e42071b14ee2e8f2fc2ef24c20bb0ab305ccdb09066d1e679a9e59b9a43d223}) had leaky gut. 12 of the 28 patients with leaky gut had no digestive symptoms.
A Spanish study in 2009 found that 98{7e42071b14ee2e8f2fc2ef24c20bb0ab305ccdb09066d1e679a9e59b9a43d223} of FM patients had at least one functional gastric disorder.
Along with fibromyalgia, many health issues, including IBS, colitis, diabetes, autoimmunity, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, depression, anxiety, eczema, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus have all been shown to be associated with gut health.

Health Benefits of Probiotics
Probiotics offer many health benefits which have been proven by research. For the purpose of this blog, I am going to list the most important benefits for those of us with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. These benefits include:

Boosts the immune system
Helps heal from leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS, colitis, and Crohn’s disease
Increases ability to absorb nutrients from food
Increases energy from production of vitamin B12
Helps break down and eliminate toxins
Helps prevent and treat urinary tract infections
Suppresses yeast overgrowth (Candida)
Naturally treats skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
How To Restore Healthy Probiotic Bacteria
Probiotics are essential for optimal digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. They also help your body produce vitamins, absorb minerals, and eliminate toxins. Gut bacteria is very vulnerable to lifestyle and environmental factors, such as processed foods, chemicals and pesticides, antibiotics, and stress.

Here are 7 tips to restore and maintain your gut health:

Avoid sugar and processed foods which promote unhealthy bacteria and yeast in your gut.
Eat fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles, as long as your gut is not aggravated by them.
Eat plenty of fiber in the form of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.
Drink plenty of water which helps to keep your bowel movements regular and healthy bacteria thriving.
Avoid foods that trigger inflammation such as gluten, dairy, and eggs that can disrupt your healthy bacteria.
Minimize stress by implementing the stress remedies that work best for you.
Take a high quality probiotic supplement
What To Look For In A Probiotic Supplement
Probiotic formulas are available with many different types of bacterial strains. The most important probiotic bacteria come from two species, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, although there are many others. Each group of probiotic bacteria has different species and each species has different strains that have slightly different functions.

Probiotic supplements that contain multiple strains tend to be more effective overall than products containing an extremely high concentration of just one or two strains. A good-quality probiotic supplement should also have a clearly labeled expiration date and shelf life potency guarantee.

Why I Like Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotic
I may be one of those people with small intestinal bacteria overgrowth who doesn’t have any digestive symptoms. Once in a while, I have gas, bloating, and constipation but not often. And those symptoms are usually mild. I have more problems with sinusitis, pain, fatigue, allergies, and asthma which can also be signs of leaky gut.

Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotic 40 Billion CFU A little over a month ago the kind folks at Schwartz Bioresearch sent me a bottle of their Probiotic 40 Billion CFU to try. I have been taking a probiotic for the last couple years so I wasn’t sure I would I would notice any difference. But after taking Probiotic 40 Billion CFU for 30 days I have seen some improvements.

For one, I haven’t had any digestive issues at all. I felt lighter, less tired, and less congested. I wasn’t even using my inhaler as much. Now it could be a coincidence but I ran out about a week ago and the congestion is back and so is the fatigue.

I just want to say, I am extremely careful about what supplements I take. I don’t want to waste money on products that don’t contain what is claimed on the label. And even more important, I don’t want them to contain harmful additives. So before I take any supplements, there are some safety guidelines I follow.

I feel comfortable recommending Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotic 40 Billion CFU for the following reasons:
Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotic 40 Billion CFU’s is a blend of 4 scientifically studied Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains which include:
L. Acidophilus – supports overall digestion, nutrient absorption, immune health, urinary health, and may also provide some benefit for cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol.
L. plantarum – supports overall digestion, immune health, and may also reduce gastrointestinal side effects associated with antibiotics.
L. paracasei – supports liver health, boosts energy levels, and could be helpful for fighting infections.
B. lactis – supports overall digestion, immune health, bowel health, and may also support healthy cholesterol levels.
Schwartz Bioresearch probiotics have a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months. They are one of the very few who can guarantee potency until the expiration date. They guarantee high-quality, shelf-stable probiotic strains which maintain at least 10 billion CFU until expiration date .and survive harsh stomach acids to reach the intestinal tract where they exert their greatest benefits.
Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotics are made with 100{7e42071b14ee2e8f2fc2ef24c20bb0ab305ccdb09066d1e679a9e59b9a43d223} natural ingredients and are free of gluten, lactose, soy, wheat, nuts, iron, sugar, chemicals, artificial colors, binders, and fillers.
Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotics are third-party tested for potency, purity, and content. Each batch of probiotics are extensively analyzed by professionals before its release.

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