What is Xyrem And Can It Help Treat Fibromyalgia?

By:Mandy Burkholder

Fibromyalgia sufferers live with constant aches, pains, and discomfort. Luckily there are plenty of medications, like Lyrica, that help patients deal with all of the troubles of fibromyalgia. Unfortunately however, not everyone responds well to these medications.

But there is a new drug that has shown promise to help many people who cannot take other fibromyalgia medicines. The only problem? Doctors do not prescribe it for fibromyalgia, and insurance companies try not to cover it. This new medication is called Xyrem, and it was originally made to help patients who have narcolepsy.

Recent studies have shown that Xyrem, which is meant to pull you into a deep sleep, has overwhelmingly positive results in patients with fibromyalgia. We all feel at our best when we get a full night’s sleep, but sufferers know that staying asleep all night is often impossible due to the constant pain.

That’s where Xyrem comes in. All you have to do it take it two times per night, which will allow you to fall into a deep sleep for around 9 hours. Can you imagine how well your body would respond to sleeping that deeply for months on end? Several doctors agree that this is a very effective way to treat fibromyalgia.

And the studies prove this theory to be true. According to one study, patients who took Xyrem for 3 – 4 weeks sensed improved energy and less pain.

So if Xyrem is a miracle drug for fibromyalgia, why aren’t doctors jumping all over it? Well, the answer is very tricky. You see, Xyrem’s root ingredients have a very bad reputation. Xyrem is made from Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, or “GHB.” You might have heard the name GHB on the news, because it is often linked to college partiers who use it to illegally drug other people into submission. The misuse of this narcolepsy medication is morally wrong, so doctors don’t want too much of it to get out into the public.

And that’s why you probably haven’t heard of Xyrem to help treat your fibromyalgia. But doctors are slowly clueing in to the fact that it can really help sufferers find deep, restful sleep, which gives their minds and bodies the healing they need.

Have you ever tried using Xyrem to treat fibromyalgia? If so, please let us know in the comments if it helped your symptoms.


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