Red Light Therapy for fibromyalgia? ​How does light therapy work for fibromyalgia?


Red light therapy is proving to be a wonder treatment for curing some of the common ailments and that too without any side effects. It is a wonderful treatment effectively using to cure pains, aches and skin problems. Fibromyalgia is one of the medical conditions that are easy to treat by Red light therapy.

​What is Fibromyalgia?

​Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects muscles and soft tissue in our body. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include chronic muscle pain, fatigue, painful trigger points and sleep issues. A person suffering from fibromyalgia may also feel stiffness after staying in one position for too long, migraine headaches, numbness in face, arms, legs, and feet, an increase in the urinary urgency of frequency, reduced tolerance for exercise or muscle pain, etc., are some of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

​It can occur at any age, and the causes of it range widely from hormonal changes to stress to genetics. Taking care of this condition becomes vital as ignorance can lead to increased pain and reduced tolerance. Also, the body can feel incapable of moving freely, and that can cause hindrance in the daily work routine.

What is red light therapy for fibromyalgia?

​Red light therapy has significant ability to heal pains and muscle aches. Red light therapy for fibromyalgia is one of the amazing treatments for the condition. It substantially lowers the pain levels and helps the body to feel more flexible.

​Red light therapy is one of the unusual techniques that is a drug-free, non-invasive and chemical-free alternative that is known to reduce discomfort and pain to a great extent. One can be sure of this therapy that it won’t lead to any side effects as that is not possible with other medical treatments.


​A few years ago, NASA was in search of a cooling light source to experiment with plant growth on the space missions. Scientists found that when plants exposed to light from LEDs (light emitting diodes), they showed growth. The experiment continued with various formations forward, and they found that cells exposed to near infrared light from LEDs grew 200% faster than the other cells.

​It happens because the light arrays increased the energy inside the cell to speed up the processes. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved this technology, for temporary relief from aching joints and muscles, increased blood circulation and relaxed muscles.

​How does light therapy work for fibromyalgia?

​We all know that light from the sun grants us life and a component of this light are significantly effective in healing our body. Using red light therapy for fibromyalgia helps in uplifting pain and relaxes your body. As part of the treatment, the therapist exposes the affected area to the red light. These infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and do the healing work.

When LED infrared light penetrates the skin, it is absorbed by mitochondria in the cell which is also called the powerhouse of the cell. The red light exposure leads to increase in metabolism of the collective cells, which causes healing of the damaged tissues and ultimately lifts the pain. Also, the red light is known for activation of the production of endorphins and blocks pain-transmitting chemicals.

​Why red light therapy?

​There are a lot of options available in the market for treatment of fibromyalgia. Therefore, the question is why should you choose red light therapy and how effective is it naturally arises. The answer to this issue is, the red light therapy is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Heating therapies can result in burnt skin and leave behind scars. But there is no such side effect of this treatment. It is a natural method of healing. There are many other light therapies for healing such as UVB lighting but these prove to be potentially dangerous for humans.

​There are many devices available in the market for red light therapy. Review of two such amazing devices is as follows

​1. Tendlite

​It is a great device that uses red light therapy for fibromyalgia. One of the best device for home use, it can be self-administered. There is no need to of any medical prescription to use this. It is a painless, easy and safe treatment for fibromyalgia.

​It works using triple action

Analgesic action: Tendlite Red LED light device provides systematic analgesic delivery and helps in reduces pain consistently. In addition, it promotes muscle relaxation and gives you relief.
Anti-inflammatory action: This device lowers inflammation progressively and increases lymphatic activity and blood circulation. It reduces swelling in the affected area and reduces stiffness.
Repair and Regeneration Action: Further, this device speeds up restoring process of tendons, cartilages, and discs. Light activates the collagen production necessary to build the connective tissue to heal the damaged body part.

2. Anodyne Infra-Red Light Therapy Device

​Anodyne Infra-Red light therapy device is effective, drug-free and pain relieving technology. This device employs 890 LED diodes and it is well documented for the relief of neuropathic symptoms. Over 50,000 customers now rely on Anodyne therapy for relief.

​The device has proved its effectiveness beyond doubt, is perfect in reducing pain, promoting muscle relaxation, and provides relief. It is also known to reduce inflammation and improves blood circulation. When light fall on the affected area, it activates collagen production which in turn develops connective tissue and enhances the healing process.

​FDA has approved the treatment as a natural healing device.


​To conclude, we can say that red light therapy for fibromyalgia is one of the most effective therapies for pain relief. Also, it is a safe way of getting rid of pain and is absolutely a natural technique. This therapy has a significant advantage over traditional drugs those lead to many side effects.

It heals fibromyalgia faster and in a much effective way. Regular red light therapy will cure fibromyalgia in no time, and it will get rid of all your pain and discomfort. Once again you will be able to enjoy life and do your daily life activities without much support and struggle. Red light therapy will make your life easy and pain-free.

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