Chiropractic to Fight Against Fibromyalgia

As we approach the 25th World Fibromyalgia Day – which will take place on May 12th – the French Chiropractic Association recalls that this chronic pathology, the pain and fatigue associated with which can become disabling, can be relieved thanks to the Chiropractic therefore takes its place among non-invasive methods and therapies aimed at helping patients.

Before going into detail, remember that fibromyalgia remains a relatively unknown pathology in France. It is responsible for diffuse chronic pain and persistent, sometimes accompanied by fatigue. To fight against this chronic disease, physical activity, relaxation and complementary therapies are recommended.

We still know very little about fibromyalgia in France and its prevalence among the population. How many patients suffer from these diffuse pains along the spine and throughout the body and limbs? Two to three million probably, mainly women aged 35 to 50, but also children. However, what we now know is that chiropractic can be an effective therapeutic response.

Fibromyalgia is more than a hundred annoying symptoms for some, disabling for others. Mainly marked by musculoskeletal pain (located anywhere along the spine, in the joints and in the limbs), fatigue and sleep disorders, fibromyalgia can lead to tinnitus, allergies, intestinal disorders or even sexual disorders.

This is why the diagnosis is often difficult to ask. In fact, the particularity of fibromyalgia lies in the absence of any anomaly detectable by medical imaging or biological analyzes. It is therefore necessary, initially for the practitioner, to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms.

To help clarify this, since 1990 the American College of Rheumatology has provided precise diagnostic criteria: for example, fibromyalgia must be characterized by the association of chronic diffuse pain and a marked sensitivity to palpation of 11{7e42071b14ee2e8f2fc2ef24c20bb0ab305ccdb09066d1e679a9e59b9a43d223}. 18 defined points of the patient’s body.

If the multiple symptoms of fibromyalgia make it particularly difficult to detect, it also makes it difficult to treat. Drug treatment, for example, may have a beneficial effect on some symptoms, such as pain, without relieving others, such as fatigue; and vice versa. The main drugs prescribed are analgesics and anti-depressants.

Many non-drug techniques are also likely to relieve patients: physical rehabilitation, cognitive therapy and relaxation are often used together. Managing stress also through these techniques is also advisable.

A reference manual medicine for back and joint care, chiropractic aims at the detection, treatment and prevention of skeletal dysfunctions and its consequences, particularly in the spine and limbs. Beyond vertebral manipulations, chiropractic care includes techniques including joint mobilization, postural and lifestyle counseling, and therapeutic exercises.

Nowadays, chiropractic is recommended in the treatment and prevention of many functional or pathological disorders of the musculoskeletal system that result in particular in contractures, pain or limitation of movement, like the most widespread diseases of the spine ( cervicalgia, sciatica, lumbago, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome …).
Chiropractic treatment can help correct these mechanical malfunctions.

According to a recent study conducted by IFOP for the French Chiropractic Association, 7 out of 10 French people complain of back pain and joint pain, with pain that has a significant negative impact on everyday life, especially among active people. The patients can suffer almost every day, with more or less intense pains. Chiropractic is very suitable for relieving these pains.

According to a study published in Rheumatology International in 2015, associated with the usual methods, the cervical manipulations allow in the medium and long term to significantly improve the quality of life of the patients, measured by different questionnaires and scales recognized scientifically.

As Audrey Yargui, chiropractor and vice president of the French Chiropractic Association, points out, “most of the people interviewed in this study who know about chiropractic believe that it has a real positive impact: 94{7e42071b14ee2e8f2fc2ef24c20bb0ab305ccdb09066d1e679a9e59b9a43d223} of those who have resorted to chiropractic to chiropractic agree with the fact that this care has a beneficial impact on daily mobility. Chiropractic can be a natural therapeutic alternative to conventional treatments. ”

Chiropractic is dispensed in France by 1000 chiropractors. Chiropractors are the only non-medical therapists authorized to practice first-line vertebral manipulation, that is to say without prior medical advice.

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